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Targeted Customer Acquisition


Our API works with your underwriting criteria to only pass along pre-qualified customers. Whatever segment of the credit spectrum you cater to, we will find leads to pass into your ecosystem. 

No Upfront Costs


Other search platforms can be expensive, produce poor lead quality and expect upfront payments. With Asset Direct, you only pay for leads that actually convert. 

Why Asset Direct

Why Lenders Work With Asset Direct

How it works

How it works

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Simple Application

Consumer provides PII and consents in simple, easy to navigate application form.

Data is submitted to API.

Deployment of Capital


As a lender, you have the opportunity to work with the brand that best matches your product offering and define the appropriate lending parameters, that meet your needs, deploying capital efficiently and effectively.  

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LoanConnect, our Canadian financial marketplace, attracts consumers looking for unsecured loans for a variety of uses, although the majority are looking for debt consolidation, to pay off credit cards, or rebuild credit. 


Roughly 70% of customers are sub-prime, 30% prime or near prime.


Our API software works with you to create a low friction process for both you, the lender, and the prospective borrower. By pulling directly from your underwriting criteria, our API has developed a higher than industry average applicant approval rate. The intelligent applicant routing allows customers to be delivered more quickly to the appropriate lenders, saving search time and decreasing decline rates.

You can set your lead targeting by geographical location, credit score, income, credit history, however best suits your needs and lender product. Not only can you customize who you're looking for, you can easily change and update the criteria at any time. Our API grows with you. 

API Software

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