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Future of Finance

Who We Are

A financial solutions provider 

on the leading edge of technology innovation.

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We are not a lender, not a bank,

and not a credit card company.


We are a global facilitator.

We are dedicated to making people's lives better by working with the full spectrum of lenders and affiliates to provide access to new financing alternatives, giving consumers real choice and more control over their financial well being.

Since our launch, we have helped over 638,000 people

get access to the funds they need, when they need it.

Asset Direct  is expanding partnerships with companies 

all over the world, offering our services to help grow global markets. 

Inspired and inspiring to do good business.

Our Solutions


Personal Loan Marketplace

By filling out a quick loan application, a consumer can get a multitude of loan options at their fingertips in seconds.


Lender Declines & Building Credit

We help banks delight customers who would have otherwise remained unserved through alternate lenders.


Point of Sale Financing

Allowing merchants to white-label our services, allowing them to boost their sales by offering multi-lender financing.



Justin Carter, 

VP Growth, MOGO

“We’ve been working closely with LoanConnect as a trusted referral partner for nearly four years and feel we are a highly valued partner. We have had a very positive experience working with the team to acquire intent loan applications. LoanConnect's transparency and commitment to our relationship is one that is always appreciated, and does not go unnoticed.”

David Balderelli, 

SVP Digital Banking, Motus Bank

“As Canada's newest and most innovative national bank, we wanted to partner with a leader in the field of financing technology innovation to provide customers with more control over their financial well being.”

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