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Our Story

Asset Direct of Canada Inc., a SAAS provider, was founded in 2015 in London, Ontario. Our mission is to bring accessibility and flexibility to the world of personal finance. Allowing those who are credit invisible to establish a proper credit history, and providing choice to those currently restricted to one institution for all of their financial product and insurance needs. 

We allow anyone, from individuals to large organizations, to easily build a business selling financial products & services. Essentially we are creating the world's first truly global network of financial sales agents, where hundreds of thousands of global partners drive traffic to thousands of financial institutions across the world. 

Through this global network of agents, we are working to bank the world's underbanked; more than 6 billion people worldwide currently have difficulty accessing credit and other financial products. Currently only 52% of adults globally use a bank account, while only 8% of adults in the developing world have access to a credit card.



Asset Direct launched its loan financing brand, LoanConnect, in April 2016. Since its launch, LoanConnect has maintained its position as Canada's leading unsecured personal loan search engine. 

In the fall of 2021, Asset Direct launched CreditLinks, a loan marketplace solution servicing India. The need in India for financial support on everyday purchases creates a large opportunity to grow and help the population gain access to accessible funding solutions. This launch marks the first stop on Asset Direct's global expansion. 

We utilize our global partnerships to connect customers with loans from one of our 30+ lenders; enabling us to significantly grow our database at $0 Cost of Acquisition. 


We are a technology company providing our partners with multiple ways to integrate including API, whitelabel, dedicated link and QR code. 

Since 2016, Asset Direct has helped over 1.1 million people get access to the funds they need, when they need them. Our database has grown beyond 500,000 users and we are driving more than 7,000 product applications each week. Our continued efforts to partner with new providers ensures our customers always get the best options from verified lenders and has influenced a staggering 67% return customer/applicant rate. 

We are excited to keep growing with an anticipated launch into East Asia in 2023.

Some of our partners:


Our Growth to Date

In Review

2018 was a year of record growth and significant milestones for Asset Direct. We were selected as one of 13 fintechs from over 400 global applicants to be inducted into the inaugural Holt Accelerator program. Additionally, received subsequent awarding of growth funding.   

In 2020, despite economic pressures through the continuing pandemic, Asset Direct continued to grow month-over-month, helping over 600,000 Canadians get access to funds. Through LoanConnect, our personal loan marketplace, we generated more than $3,000,000,000 in Canadian loan applications.

In 2021, Asset Direct continued to scale product innovation and began offering a Lender Decline & Rebuilding solution. It also saw the launch of out multi-lender financial services marketplace serving India, CreditLinks. CreditLinks became accessible through dozens of locations across India with an experienced team on the ground.

2022 has seen further innovation in both Canada & India. CreditLinks is present in hundreds of stores across countless regions in India, with new lenders and affiliates coming onboard consistently. LoanConnect has seen further product expansion by offering other solutions such as mortgages and cash back shopping. 

By 2023 we expect to be live in 100,000 stores across India referring their business through us, while we continue to grow our product offering in Canada. 


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