Monetize live leads

As an affiliate your primary goal is to monetize your customer while delivering an outstanding customer experience. You want your leads to convert into loans so that you get paid.

We get it

Working with lenders can be tough because lenders love leads but hate to pay for them..


With multiple lenders covering each segment on the credit spectrum which means your customer is going to see multiple loan offers no matter what their credit situation is. 


 A far higher likelihood that your customer is going to be approved vs. a single sourced lender platform.

Why Affiliates Work With Asset Direct

Full Spectrum Lending

If you send us a lead with good credit...we have lenders for that. Multiple lenders. If you send us a lead with not so good credit...

We have multiple lenders for that too. The same goes for leads with poor credit, bad credit. 


We even have a solution (for which you get paid) for credit repair should a customer ultimately not qualify for a loan.

For All Consumers


Why would you send your leads anywhere else?  

Think about it.   

If you send a lead to a search engine served by one lender...that one lender is going to service only one segment of the credit spectrum. That's the reality. If your lead doesn't fit into that narrow segment...they are declined.

How is that good for you?

It's not.

Our industry leading search, comparison and recommendation API matches your lead with multiple lenders "most likely" to convert wherever your lead falls in the credit spectrum, optimizing conversion = fewer declines.

Single source lending competitors simply can't compete.​​

Only Asset Direct truly optimizes lead conversion so that you get paid!

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