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In-Store Customer Loan Program


In 2022, Asset Direct introduced its newest integration solution, QR Codes. Since launching this partner solution, we have integrated with dozens of partners across India & Canada who now use our QR codes to offer financing solutions to their customers. 

This integration method allows for further reach among our partnership network. We can onboard partners who do not have an online presence to host our application process. Instead they have a familiar customer network among their neighbourhoods and local communities that can scan their code in store to be driven to our application process. This integration method allows more customers globally to access our product solutions and more business owners, large and small, to come on board and earn residual revenues for themselves and their families. 


Introduce a new revenue stream to your business with a seamless setup and integration.


Maximize customer lifetime value through our referral QR code program.


Open your customers up to a financial services marketplace with products and solutions for everyone.

Your Value Advantage

Commitment to our Affiliates

We are committed to do far more than help the merchant close a deal. The merchant becomes regarded as an affiliate and is paid ancillary commissions on any products sold through any of the Asset Direct platforms.


Get in Touch

If you would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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