Financial Service Marketplace

Our online financial product marketplace is an out of the box solution providing anyone from individuals through to large organizations with the ability to sell a suite of financial products to their customers. Essentially we are creating the world's first truly global network of financial sales agents, where hundreds of thousands of global partners drive traffic to thousands of financial institutions across the world. 

After completing a one page application, consumers are presented with the alternative loan options & other financial & insurance products available to them from our various partners. We work to provide individuals across the entire credit spectrum with easier access to funding from alternative lenders, at fair rates, with manageable terms. Learn more about our process below. Helping the underbanked to banked.



Our loan application process is fast & secure. If the customer works or owns a home, they're approved.



After completing a short application, pre-approval from our lending partners is delivered in 60 seconds.


Pick a Loan

The customer is presented with a list of top lenders to choose the loan rates and terms that best suit their needs.


Get the Funds

When all necessary details are completed with the chosen lender, funds are released in 24 hours or less.

Our Lenders Have Personal Loans For Every Aspect of Life

We only partner with reputable lenders to ensure our customers don't waste their time in the search for personal financing. By partnering with an increasing number of lenders, we are able to provide consumers with a personal loan for whatever aspect of life they need it for. Our application process gives customers the opportunity to indicate the reason they need funding so we can present them with the right loan options in seconds.


Home Renovations

Looking to renovate your home? A personal loan can help.


Continuing Education

Don't qualify for traditional student loans? A personal loan can help you achieve your academic goals.


Having a Baby

Having a baby is one of the most exciting things in life, a personal loan can help you cover some of the initial costs.


Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Using a personal loan with a lower interest rate to eliminate credit card debt can save you on interest.


Business Capital

Need more capital to purchase inventory or pay expenses? A personal loan can help.



Whether it's a home emergency or something else. A personal loan can help you in a time of need.


Lifestyle Purchases

New car? A personal loan can help you get the things you need in life.


Life Events

Marriage, honeymoons and more, a personal loan can help you pay for things that matter most to you.



Need a vacation but short on cash? A personal loan can help you take that trip you deserve.

Why Our Marketplace?

We allow customers to find some of the best loan options the market has to offer in a matter of minutes. We save individuals hours of tedious research by presenting them with lender pre-approvals that best suit their needs. With no impact on the customer's credit score, no cost to apply, and no obligation to move forward with any lenders, it's an ideal solution to add to your financial offering. 

Where to Find Us? 

LoanConnect has been operational in Canada since 2016 and helps customers find unsecured personal loans from $500 - $50,000. Over the last two years we have processed over $500 million in Canadian loan applications, and we continue to help Canadians find the loans they need quickly, and at some of the best rates around. 

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CreditLinks launched in India in 2021 to help customers find personal loans for everyday purchases. From the online personal loan marketplace, to point-of-sale financing solutions, CreditLinks is bringing lending to customers' fingertips.

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LoanConnect is 100% dedicated to finding customers the right personal loan. Our professional service agents will gladly help your customers navigate their options.



We take great care to partner with verified and vetted partners, ensuring that our customers are always working with professionals.



Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have trusted us with their loan needs, and many more continue to trust us every day.


No Impact

Applying for a loan with LoanConnect will NOT impact a customer's credit score. If they choose to agree, we only perform a soft pull on their credit.



A customer can get pre-approved in as little as 60 seconds, and get their cash in as little as 24 hours as long as they are intent and complete every step as required.



We take customer security very seriously and take all appropriate steps to ensure our customer information is secure.

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