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A Groundbreaking Global Financial Services Marketplace

Creating the world's first truly global network of financial sales agents to bank the world's underbanked. 

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Much of the world's population is underbanked and/or is limited in the flexibility they have with their banking choices - this is a +$500BN global opportunity that no other company has been able to effectively solve at scale. 

In order to bank the underbanked, we are creating the world's first truly global network of financial sales agents, where thousands of agents around the world drive traffic to our global network of financial service partners that service the underbanked. Whether it be small local shop owners earning revenue to support their families or large businesses expanding their financial service offering, our network creates a new revenue opportunity for our agents while making financing options more accessible to individuals around the world. 

Our award-winning platform already has over five hundred thousand users and has generated millions in commissions. The overall goal is to use our global network to cost-effectively scale into the world's largest financial services platform, focused on banking the underbanked (up to 6 billion people). 

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The Problem

More Than 6 Billion People Worldwide (~75% of the World's Population) Have Difficult Accessing Credit and Other Financial Products

Over 6 Billion People don't meet the basic requirements of traditional lenders and many prime borrowers aren't getting access to the best products. 

While new technology has created the ability for many of these people to access credit options, most don't know alternative, non-bank options exist.

Since many financial service providers serve niche markets, it's hard for financial institutions and insurers to affordably acquire their target customers at the right time and place. 

Why We Do What We Do

Large Market of Underbanked Individuals

Much of the world’s population is underbanked and/or has difficulty accessing credit and other financial products. While other consumers, who are banked, are limited by lack of choice and flexibility in products from their financial institution–this is a +$500BN global opportunity.

We've Proven the Concept

Visible to over 1.9 million customers in 2021; 500,000+ active users driving 7,000+ product applications per week. Active in 2 markets globally and scaling into a 3rd early next year.

Changing People's Lives & Communities for the Better

Our global network of financial sales agents creates the opportunity to change the lives of up to 6 Billion financially underserved people globally.

Who We Help Along the Way

We allow anyone, from individuals to large organization, to easily build a business selling financial products & services. 

We enable Financial Service Partners to acquire new customers at a predictable cost of acquisition and monetize declined applicants. 

We empower Financial Sales Agents to build a residual revenue stream through personal loans & other financial service & insurance products via intuitive, easy-to-implement technology. 

We provide Consumers with low friction access to financial & insurance products to easily finance purchases and support their everyday lives.

Getting the Underbanked to Banked

We utilize partnerships to connect customers with financial & insurance products from one of our financial institutions, fintechs, or insurers globally; enabling us to significantly grow our database at a $0 Cost of Acquisition. 

We are a technology company providing our partners with multiple ways to integrate including API, whitelabel or QR code. 

Once a new to credit, or credit invisible, customer establishes a credit history, we open them up to the world of broader banking services by selling additional products such as mortgages, credit cards & insurance. 

Our partner & sales agent network allows us to build an extremely large database of new-to-credit customers who access and re-access financial products on our platform throughout the course of their lifetime. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring accessibility and flexibility to the world of personal finance. Allowing those who are credit invisible to establish a proper credit history, and providing choice to those currently restricted to one institution for all their financial product and insurance needs. 

We believe that everyone should have a fair chance at building a credit history and improving their credit score and financial health. By building our network of global sales agents, we are working to make credit and other financial products accessible to everyone. 


Individuals without a credit history will be able to build one within our network instead of being forced into interest rates beyond their means by traditional lenders. And those established with their banking are opened up to a world of choice; a network of financial and insurance products available to them from fintechs and insurers around the globe instead of the limitations of using a single financial institution for all their needs. 

Currently, only 52% of adults globally use a bank account, while only 8% of adults in the developing world have access to a credit card. Through our network we can help increase these numbers and improve financial literacy and wellbeing around the world.


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What Fuels Our Growth

Our growth in 2021 was driven through scaling partnerships and distribution in both Canada and India. Our growth in 2022 is driven through further expansion within India. Growth for 2023 and beyond will be driven by entry into new markets ie. East Africa. 

Offering additional recommendations starting 2022 for other financial & insurance products to further increase year-over-year ancillary revenue & increased average revenue per user. 

Continued optimizations to our personal loan CX/UX will optimize conversions in funnel & optimal routing to our lender network, increasing average earnings per transaction. 


We've generated over 1.1 million product applications. Our Asset Direct platforms handle all of the heavy lifting by integrating with our financial & insurance partners. We provide the best product-fit to every user by understanding approval criteria for each financial and insurance provider and by analyzing every user's credit & financial health, saving time and reducing friction. 

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Business Strategy & Global Traction

  • We allow anyone from individuals through to large organizations to easily build a business selling financial products & services

  • Re-imagining the traditional banking system to create a personal customer experience that meets individual financial needs

  • 500,000+ users driving 7,000+ product applications per week 

  • 100+ active financial partners within Canada & India offering full spectrum of financial and insurance products

  • Visible to over 1.9 million customers in 2021 

  • Highly engaged user base with ~67% of revenue coming from return applicants/users

How It Works

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Individuals or businesses integrate with our platforms via QR code, SMS link, tracking link, whitelabel or API. 



A prospective customer completes a product application and provides appropriate consent to check if they qualify through multiple providers in real time. 

Our rules engine provides the customer with "pre-approved" targeted offers based on AI & ML and likelihood of approval. These products are drawn from our growing network of 100's of providers. 

The user selects the product they wish to apply for & completes their application. 

We get real time decisions on an applicant's approval from our financial and insurance partners. 

The individual or business who referred the user makes a profit from financial products sold; bettering the lives of those around them including their family and community.



We recommend other financial & insurance products ongoing to provide ancillary revenue to our partners. 

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The Competition

Asset Direct is unlike other direct-to-consumer financial product platforms that must allocate large budgets towards marketing to drive customer acquisition. Although highly valuable (many commanding multi-billion dollar valuations), these platforms essentially compete through spending advertising dollars. Whoever spends more, gets more. 

Since our focus is B2B2C, we have a very low cost of acquisition. Uniquely, we also allow our agents to build a book of business through us. Once an agent/partner refers a user to our ecosystem we take over, and any other product we sell to that individual (credit card, mortgage, insurance) generates residual earnings for the agent/partner; whether it's now, or 10 years from now. This also increases our average revenue per user. 

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Our Future Plans

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Build a massive database of global consumers accessing financial products and insurance through our agent & distribution partners offering our marketplace.  

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Bring financial products and insurance to customers where they work, shop, budget or bank when they need it. 

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Utilize partnerships to connect customers with financial products from one of 100's of providers globally; growing our database at a $0 Cost of Acquisition. 

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Establishing a trusting relationship with our customers while they establish a credit history to maintain high customer retention rates. 

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Assist those new credit to establish a proper credit history; helping transition 6+ billion people worldwide from underbanked to banked.

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Optimize ARPU for every user through cross-selling other financial & insurance products and services to our customers throughout their lifetime, driving residual income for Asset Direct and our partners. 

What Our Customers Say

"This was really helpful to me. The rep helped me to look in detail at many different options available to me and even went above and beyond and described alternative options to those. They asked the right questions that got me to organize and see what my current situation is as a whole. Responses were timely and heartfelt, I really felt like they cared about me rather than just seeing a stranger, a number or a sale. I can even message them still anytime in the future with more questions if I have any. Thank you!" - Melanie J. 

"The associate I spoke with was super helpful, knowledgeable and helped to point me in the right direction. Incredibly friendly, awesome customer service and I definitely recommend this company. Thanks a bunch!" - Kara C. 

"I spoke with Colin and he was extremely helpful with not only my inquiry but also with some valuable advice for my future. What I say I appreciated the most is that he heard me and paid attention to what I was saying and asking and responded thoughtfully." - Jean M. 

"The associate I spoke with was a huge help. Although my initial intent was to get a loan, they gave me another option to rebuild my credit which will be more beneficial in the future. Thanks for your help" - Dalia A. 

Read more customer testimonials here

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