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Asset Direct

Mar 31, 2022

Asset Direct: A Groundbreaking Financial Services Marketplace

Asset Direct is a financial products & services marketplace helping to bring the underbanked to banked. In order to bank the underbanked, Asset Direct is creating the world’s first truly global network of financial sales agents. From large businesses to small local shop owners, these agents use Asset Direct’s global network of financial institutions to make banking accessible in people’s everyday lives. This agent network also allows Asset Direct to build an extremely large database of new-to-credit customers that access and re-access financial products on their platform throughout the course of their lifetime.

Asset Direct is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign to grow their company with the help of many investors. Equity crowdfunding allows those in local communities around the world to invest in Asset Direct for as little as $250USD and earn shares in the company. Asset Direct decided to partner with FrontFundr to facilitate their equity crowdfunding campaign.

“We effectively allow anybody around the world from individuals through to businesses to launch and scale a business selling financial products and services out of the box.” says Adam Rice, CEO of Asset Direct.

Adam further explains, “We have set up local shop owners in developing countries with their own business selling financial products as a way to generate a retirement income stream.”

To learn more about Asset Direct’s equity crowdfunding campaign and how you can invest, please visit

About Asset Direct:
The Asset Direct platform matches the world’s underbanked with niche financial service providers that are willing to lend to them or provide them with other products. Asset Direct’s proprietary technology searches a global network of financial & insurance products, matching and connecting the underbanked & banked alike with the right product and proceeding to help them access it in under 5 minutes.

Asset Direct Media Contact:
Paris Bennett
Marketing Manager

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