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Asset Direct

Apr 19, 2022

Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Through FrontFundr Reaches 70% Funded

Through our equity crowdfunding campaign, we have officially reached 70% of our funding goal! We are so appreciative to our new investors who have helped us get here.

Our next goal is 75% - see how you can invest today at and help us reach our next milestone.

The crowdfunding campaign will be live with FrontFundr until June 29, 2022 with a goal of $500,000 USD that we hope to exceed. We currently have 14 investors on board with Asset Direct and are looking to bring on many more with a minimum investment of $250USD.

Many other investors have posed insightful, thorough questions about this process that can be found under the Q&A section of our FrontFundr profile. Please feel free to review those existing questions that may answer some of your questions, or reach out directly at

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