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Asset Direct

May 10, 2022

Partnership Launched with Mumbai Auto-Rickshaw Association

CreditLinks (a division of Asset Direct) is working hard in India to help the underbanked access credit & alternative financial products where they live and shop. Strategic partnerships are a critical piece of our expansion and our mission to create a global network of financial sales agents.

Our latest partnership is with Mumbai Auto-Rickshaw Association where we are running a pilot initiative with 100 of their autos now equipped with CreditLinks QR stickers. This partnership opens a new avenue of reaching customers and a new sector of sales agents; we have prolonged exposure in front of a customer on their journey, and the drivers have a way to make additional income with every fare. With our real-time funding solutions, a customer could be funded with their loan before they've arrived at their destination.

After a successful POC, the first-of-its-kind model will be escalated to cover transport and transit across India. By FY2023, we aim to be established in more than 10,000 vehicles.

*CreditLinks is part of Asset Direct's larger mission to make credit more accessible to a population globally who are currently underbanked.

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