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Asset Direct

Sept 15, 2022

CEO, Adam Rice, Discusses Asset Direct's Campaign and Investment Opportunity

Throughout the course of our equity crowdfund campaign we've had a lot of great questions from potential investors. Our team has done their best to address them individually in our Q&A, but thought it would be helpful to have our CEO directly address some of those question as well.

You can find a full interview below between our Marketing Manager and our CEO, Adam Rice. They discuss our raise so far, where Asset Direct is expanding (both domestically & internationally), and importantly provide a further explanation around the benefits of a SAFE investment. Our team has received a number of questions about the SAFE and the complexity behind it so we hope this video can help clear up any uncertainties.

Full Interview:

** Update, October 5th, 2022: The FrontFundr campaign has now come to an end. However, the goals discussed through the video are still relevant for our company growth moving forward. If you are interested in discussing our growth further or understanding the existing investment opportunities, please reach out to

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